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Marketing Solutions - Personalised Landing Page Applications (PURLs)

PURLs or personal websites are microsites used to capture direct mail or email campaign responses. PURLs allow customers to communicate with your company on their terms. By adding PURL technology to your marketing mix, your company will trim marketing costs, increase ROI, and be able to have a continuous dialogue with a loyal customer base.

They are highly effective for Events & Trade Shows, Retail Stores, Health Clubs, Hospitals, Banks amongst others.


When marketers can capture relevant customer data, it enables them to understand their customers better. Studies show that using PURLs with a relevant message increase response rates two to five times!

PURLs can be created in seconds, based on your customer database or mailing list.

PURLs can be used as stand-alone marketing, or CRM tools, but are most effective when used in conjunction with a multi-channel campaign including direct mail and/or email.

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With Personalised URLs done well, one can:
Increase direct mail response rates
Improve the ability to track and fine-tune future campaigns
Reduce the acquisition cost for new leads
Increase sales activity and revenue
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